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In business for nearly 30 years, we serve regional and provincial clients. Come see us for our wide variety of jewelry 10ct and 14ct gold, and our beautiful diamond rings, our various stainless steel jewelry from Italy and our silver jewelry 9.25. You'll find our beautiful wooden jewelry boxes for all tastes, for storing your precious jewelry.

We have a wide selection of watch brands such as, Citizen Eco-Drive, Fiori, Timex Bulova Caravelle and not forgetting our fine quality clocks at Bulova.

Come see our collection of handbag and wallet Betty Boop in different colors, perfect for every season and are half price.

Enjoy our fashion jewelry and fragrances for our men and women in liquidation year long. Also, we have an extensive collection of watches that are daily trends.

Check out our best price guarantee to purchase your jewelry Gold, silver, platinum, and your diamonds.

Current discount
B.O et pendentif zircon50%
B.O Nombril50%
Bijoux d'enfants50%
Certain Bijoux Argent80%
Coffrets à bijoux10%
Montre Fiori0%
Montres Anne-Klein0%
Montres Bulova0%
Montres Citizen0%
Montres Police0%
Montres Timex0%
Or boucles Oreilles50%
Or chaine & bracelet50%
Or pendentifs50%
Tout bijoux diamant0%